Varicose Treatment

Varicose treatment is very important to our health.  Since a number of doctors refer to our legs as our “secondary heart,” it then follows that having good circulation in our legs is crucial to having good circulation in the rest of our bodies.

Varicose treatment need not be confined to invasive options such as laser surgery, surgical vein stripping, microsclerotherapy injections and the like.  Besides carrying health risks and side effects of their own, invasive procedures do not guarantee against the recurrence of maladies.

An important aspect of varicose treatment is for patients to take steps that they can do themselves. Home-based therapies may include exercise or any activity that gets the legs moving, such as walking, swimming or dancing. These forms of movement will stimulate good blood flow in the veins and the arteries.

As simplistic as it may sound, good blood flow can be achieved on a mini-trampoline or rebounder.  The fact is that more and more physicians recommend these forms of exercise equipment for varicose treatment.

The-up-and-down movement on a rebounder massages the body’s cells. This simple action removes trapped blood proteins that contribute to varicose veins, phlebitis and other blood flow problems. The motion breaks up blockages and opens blood vessels anew, thereby improving circulation.

Given its effectiveness in varicose treatment, it is no surprise that David Hall’s Cellerciser® is the rebounder of choice.  It is vastly superior to any rebounding device available in the market today.

The Cellerciser® is not only effective in varicose treatment, it is also safe to use. Other cheaper and more typical rebounders can cause nerve damage, knee problems and lower back injuries.

That will never happen with the Cellerciser®, as its triple-tiered springs and space-age Permatron® mat effectively prevent these mishaps from taking place.

The Cellercise® workout may very well be the best form of exercise for varicose treatment.


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