Panjee Tapales Manila, Philippines

Panjee Tapales
Manila, Philippines

Shortly after I turned 40 (there, I said it), I decided I wanted something more from my workouts, and I was no longer interested in spending hours in the gym. I wanted to make sure that whatever it was I was doing, was working on my insides as well. That’s when I ran into an aunt who introduced me to the Cellerciser.

Yes, it looks like a simple mini-trampoline, the kind you can purchase off Toby’s, but this is not a toy. You bounce on the toys and you’ll feel what I mean–and not in a good way. The Cellerciser is pricey if you think of it as just a mini-trampoline, but when you consider what it does for your cells and then compare it to your gym fees, it begins to feel like a great deal.

I was immediately drawn to this because it’s exercising down to your cells, hence its name. When you bounce (this foldable and very portable rebounder comes with a dvd, book, bar and carrying case), you are working out not just your body, but giving your cells a great boost (there’s a science to this that is explained in their website, but I won’t even attempt that here). It’s like doing lymphatic drainage everyday. And the beauty is you don’t have to spend hours on it. 10 minutes a day, minimum, is enough.

I no longer have the patience to spend hours in the gym. I workout at home now with my rebounder, different dvds and all the nature around me. I enjoy walking around my neighborhood when I can. As I get older, I appreciate my senses getting a good workout as well. I have my Cellerciser in my room facing the garden, I don’t have to spend hours on it, and I know that every minute I spend on it is great for the health of my cells. That, plus my super supplements, is really all I need.

Rica Villalon is the local distributor of the Cellerciser and though I make absolutely nothing from her, I’ve sent many people her way because I believe that workouts should do more than make you look good.

So, start 2010 on the right track. Cellercise!!

Gina E. Echevarria Vancouver, Canada

Gina E. Echevarria
Vancouver, Canada

For several months, I could not use my right arm to scratch my upper back or to twist it to reach out for something behind the driver’s seat or to even carry groceries, without cringing in pain. To properly soap my back, I had to use a scrub sponge with a long handle.

After just a few weeks with the Cellerciser — combining my arm exercises with my leg routines — I started to feel some relief, suffering less discomfort and pain when attempting to do any of the above motions. Now, I’m practically pain-free and forget my arm even bothered me.

Rose D. Lopez Pasig City, Philippines

Rose D. Lopez
Pasig City, Philippines

I have been using the Cellerciser since mid-July 2008. I cellercise twice a day — first thing in the morning for a mere 7-10 minutes and again in the early evening, before dinner, for 12-15 minutes. I was never an exercise buff so it’s so great to be able to do my routine for a short while and yet reap such benefits from it.

Cellercising has increased my stamina and energy levels. It has also reduced stiffness in my joints and arthritis in my hands, probably because of better blood circulation. Most importantly, it has helped to heal the condition of tenosynovitis in my right wrist.

I believe cellercising has improved my immune system because I have not had a cold, cough or flu for the past year even when exposed to my children, office mates and friends when they are nursing these ailments. I am also happy to note that it has regularized my waste elimination.

Other benefits from cellercising that I am enjoying are a flatter tummy and a firmer and fuller derriere! I highly recommend David Hall’s Cellerciser. Purchasing it was one of the best decisions I have made with regard to my health and well-being.

Tim Bennett Makati City

Tim Bennett
Makati City, Philippines

I have had back pain for over 20 years and been to so many doctors I can’t remember them all, so when Rica introduced the Cellerciser to me I was very skeptical.

After 20 years of pain I had nothing to lose by trying it.

Imagine my surprise and joy when by the end of the first week I could easily say that my pain level had gone down by 50% and for the first time in nearly 20 years I almost have no pain.

I also lost 1 inch from my stomach in the same time!

Thank God for Rica…Thank God for the Cellerciser!

Ma. Virginia C. Daroy Quezon City

Ma. Virginia C. Daroy
Quezon City, Philippines

Rebounding…it’s the best option I’ve taken so far towards staying fit and healthy. I got introduced to rebounding and its benefits 10 months ago. Since then, I have faithfully hopped on the rebounder (specifically, the Cellerciser), at an average of 15 minutes per day, four times a week. Considering I work full time, 15 minutes is what I could manage to squeeze into my busy, daily schedule.

Rebounding has given me the following:

1) A general feeling of wellness — I don’t tire as easily and I have had like maximum 3 attacks of migraine in the last 10 months, whereas I used to have it 2-3 times a month.
2) I enjoy deep, restful sleep at night e.g. average 6-7 hours; whereas I used to get average 5-5 ½ hours of sleep.
3) My cholesterol has gone down from 300 to 220 mg/dL.
4) The varicose veins on my left leg don’t seem so prominent anymore. Color of the veins has toned down to light gray as opposed to dark looking angry veins before I started rebounding.
5) I have firmer muscles on my forearms, thighs and legs, not to mention trimmer ankles too.
6) I have greater stamina. I don’t tire easily. I can still do housework or go to church meetings after working 9 hours in the office.

Nina Juinio-Yang Quezon City

Nina Juinio-Yang
Quezon City, Philippines

When the Cellerciser was offered to me, I was skeptical. I thought it was going to be one of those contraptions that I would again buy impulsively, use initially and then forget about slowly. It’s been a year since I bought the Cellerciser and it has done me wonders.

I am a breast cancer survivor. I have been medically advised not just to eat healthy, but to engage in daily physical exercise as well. Since I am hypertensive, my cardiologist also prescribed daily exercise, like walking. I did aerobics for a while but had to drop it due to time schedule conflicts. I started attending tai-chi classes and again, eventually stopped. Time is usually not on my side as I am constantly rushing in and out, doing errands or busy with other activities.

With the Cellerciser, I do my daily exercise in only 15 minutes, without leaving the comfort of my home. Considering that I am in my golden years, and therefore more susceptible to bone injury, I am able to do variations of bouncing, twisting, jumping, jogging on it — all without drastic impact to my body.

After 15 minutes of exercise, I have activated all my body cells and sweated off its toxins. At the same time, my muscles have loosened, my bones have strengthened and my heart is pumping rigorously. My body feels energized every time that I use the Cellerciser. Sometimes I even use it twice a day.

Seeing what the Cellerciser has done for me, my husband, a stroke-victim, started using it as well. It has strengthened his leg muscles.

I hope to keep the Cellerciser as my reliable exercise companion. With it and God’s grace, I know I will be physically fit for more years to come.

Cynthia Heussaff Makati City

Cynthia Heussaff
Makati City, Philippines

Cellercising got me back to exercising without having to leave my house, which is so convenient. I lost around 4 kilos in 3 months’ time and that’s very hard for me.

I can’t say that I do it regularly now but when I’m lazy to do yoga, I jump on the Cellerciser and get my exercise for the day done.

I just want to maintain my weight, and hopefully, with the Cellerciser, yoga, and of course, diet I won’t have any problem.

Yuki & Florence Okiyama Carmona, Cavite, Philippines

Yuki & Florence Okiyama
Carmona, Cavite, Philippines

Cellercise really works for the maintenance of our health. It effectively keeps our bodies fit without heavy exercise. We have been using it for one year. We enjoy it everyday.

Well recommended for those who are interested in promoting health and physical fitness!


Nanette Frondoso
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

I bought my Cellerciser in September 2010 and I am loving every minute I spend cellercising. All my friends who bought one are loving it as well. Cellercising has given me a chance to enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly exercise equipment that complements my daily pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. It ranks as a reasonable investment because of the quality, portability and its safety features. The benefits of cellercising gained over time, if used correctly and regularly, will more than justify the initial cost.