Sports Workout

Sports workout is an important factor for enjoying and excelling in any kind of sport. Training is essential, regardless of whether it’s in basketball, baseball, bowling, golf, swimming, soccer, track and field or tennis.

Sports workout builds stamina, endurance, power, speed, balance, coordination and flexibility – all key ingredients for success in any sport, fun event or competition.

I have found rebounding to be an excellent sports workout routine.  Instead of hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range, I just use my Cellerciser® to warm up before a round of golf.

I start with one minute of the gentle bounce to limber up my cold muscles.  Then I do the light jog, simultaneously stretching my shoulders, my arms, my wrists and my fingers.  I continue my sports workout with a few kicks to the front, to the back and to the sides.

I then follow that up with knee bends and knee stretches.  To get my energy levels going, I do some jumping jacks. I take a few practice swings on the rebounder to get into the feel of a full shoulder turn in my golf swing.

Finally, I end my sports workout by cooling down with another minute of the gentle bounce.  When that’s done, I am ready to go off to the golf course and hit my first drive.  It’s my idea of a perfect warm-up – the entire process takes only 5 minutes of my time.

It’s no wonder that a great number of athletic trainers in the U.S. use David Hall’s Cellerciser®.  It is the top of the line rebounder in the market, for both sports conditioning and rehabilitation.

The fact that a sports workout on the Cellerciser® has improved their athletes’ conditioning has greatly impressed these trainers. It has enhanced their balance and coordination; increased their power, speed and flexibility; and augmented their stamina and endurance.

The Cellerciser® has also been an important factor in the treatment of patients with muscular pain or weakness, joint immobility and even sports injury.  The machine’s usefulness in the area of rehabilitation has inspired awe in both athletic trainer and athlete.

I can guarantee that you will do better in your sport and enjoy it more if you use the Cellerciser® for your sports workout.


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