Lymphatic Massage for Cold, Cough and Flu

Lymphatic massage is certainly worth more than a passing glance.  Nowhere is this truer than in today’s world: people await the development of an A (H1N1) vaccine to help it deal with the ever-increasing number of flu cases.

Lymphatic massage is one way of warding off illnesses — from the swine flu and other strains to the more common cold and cough.  These are but indications of a weakened or compromised immune system.  An impaired immune system results in an increased vulnerability to practically every type of illness.

Lymphatic massage treats those problems and affects your entire metabolism as well.  It does this by normalizing your circulatory, muscular and nervous systems, as well as their interdependent functions.

The lymphatic system is sometimes referred to as the “healing center” of the body. It’s a vast network of vessels, lymph nodes and specialized organs that transport and filter clear lymph fluid through the body. As lymph fluid moves around the body, disease-fighting antibodies and specialized blood cells are created while viruses, bacteria, infections and cellular waste products are destroyed or filtered.

Unlike the cardiovascular system of the heart, the lymphatic system does not have a “pump”. It relies mainly on the pressure created by skeletal muscles contracting and relaxing to push the lymph fluid around the body.  In other words, movement is critical.

Rebounding on a Cellerciser® is a simple way of enjoying the same benefits that a lymphatic massage provides. The pumping motion one gets from bouncing on the machine produces a very similar effect. It increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, both of which will help you prevent (or get rid) of colds, cough and flu.

Thanks to the Cellerciser®, you can help your body get the necessary stimulation it needs to enhance its ability to heal itself — right in the comfort of your home. Rebounding is a practical, natural, pain and drug-free alternative to prescription drugs and to a lymphatic massage.



  • Nelson Macaspac

    I want to know how to perform the lymphatic massage. What are the techniques and whick parts od the pressure points to be massage

  • ricavillalon

    Hi Nelson,

    With rebounding, one gets a natural lymphatic massage as one bounces on the Cellerciser. There are no pressure points or techniques to worry about.

    Kind regards,


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