Knee Exercises

Knee exercises are vital, not only to our knees, but to our overall health as well.  The knees are the largest joints in the body.  They support our weight and play a key role in our mobility.  Physical movements such as walking, running, jumping, dancing, bending, pivoting and playing sports all require good knees.

Knee exercises keep our knees and the muscles that support them strong and flexible.  The best exercises for the knees – as well as for the rest of our body – are the low impact, weight-bearing ones.

David Hall’s mini-trampoline, the Cellerciser®, is an excellent way to get into these knee exercises. Its patented tapered springs and its space-age Permatron® mat aren’t jarring to the skeletal system, making it the best rebounder available in the market.

An easy knee exercise you can start with is the “low jog”. Simply lift your feet 2 or 3 inches off the mat as you jog.  As you progress, you can jog faster and lift your feet higher.  This movement builds up your weak knees instead of tearing them down.

A more advanced knee exercise is the “squat”.  Stand with your feet on either side of the mat. Sit low like you would on a horse, back over your heels, and then lift your toes slightly, with your feet flat on the mat.  In this position, simply shift your weight from foot to foot.

An even more advanced knee exercise is the “side to side jump”.  Stand on one side of the mat with your feet together. Jump back and forth from one side of the mat to the other side. As you advance with this routine, you can sit lower and lower as you jump.

A good rule of thumb is to try rebounding every single day.  If you do not have 10 or 15 minutes, 5 minutes is certainly better than none at all – and it can make all the difference in how you feel! Consistency is the key to success in any exercise program, so be sure to work daily on your knee exercises.


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