Gina Lopez on the Cellerciser

Gina Lopez, Managing Director of ABS-CBN Foundation, purchased a Cellerciser® 3 years ago.  Five days later, she excitedly phoned me to tell me that the Cellerciser® was her most awesome purchase ever.  In just less than a week, she had noted some of its many benefits.

In an article she wrote for her Philippine Star (February 2, 2010) column, From the Heart, entitled “Living a Healthy Life at 56,” Gina Lopez spoke of diet, vitamins, medicine, healing crystals, exercise, sleep, nature, meditation, etc.

On exercise, she wrote:

“I do yoga exercises daily, but this is more to keep me peaceful and prepare me for meditation.  Then I work out two or three times a week.  Weight-bearing exercises are good for the bones.  I have a yoga teacher who comes twice a week.  But over the past week I have stumbled across what is called a Cellexerciser (sic) — which is a rebounder or a mini-trampoline, but built much better.  Sturdier. Safer for the body.  This has been superb!  The instructions said start with one minute — but I got bored, so I went right up to 10 minutes and it was wonderful!  I watched the DVD that went with it.  The inventor David Hall has well-developed abs, biceps, is attractively lean — and he did this all with just 10 minutes a day!  Then I read the book — full of testimonials from people who have slimmed hips, thighs, improved their eyesight — addressed health problems with just 10 minutes a day!  So I have been doing 10 to 15 minutes for the past 10 days, and the results are amazing!

“I already have a lot of energy — but this boosted my energy level even further.  I also sleep better.  I had a tingling sensation in my left arm, which has been greatly reduced.  In short I am experiencing a wonderful sense of well-being, which came after only the first session!  Contact Rica Villalon, 0917-8397839.  She can deliver it to your house.  Or look up Cellexerciser (sic) on the net to give you a clearer understanding.  What got me attracted to it is the “only 10 minutes a day”!


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