Abdominal Machines

DSC00179_bAbdominal machines come in many forms, shapes and sizes.  The marketplace has much to offer in this area of fitness.  While some machines are effective, others are most certainly not.

Abdominal machines have become part of a superfluous collection for a great number of people. It has become increasingly common to see someone owning far too many of these machines through sheer trial and error.

What if I told you that there was an abdominal machine that could put all your other machines to shame?  That this piece of equipment would not only help you with your abs, but would take care of the health and fitness of your entire body? That this would be the last piece of exercise equipment that you would ever have to buy?

I have good news for you: I discovered one such machine at a health seminar I attended in Los Angeles in March 2008!  It’s David Hall’s Cellerciser®, the top-of-the-line mini-trampoline or rebounder in the market today.

I will talk of abdominal machines and exercises today.  The first and the simplest exercise is the common jog.  Even just raising your legs in a jogging motion engages your abdominal muscles and strengthens them.

To take this exercise further, you can try lifting your knees higher as you jog.  This makes the abs work even harder as the movement applies weight to your every muscle at over 100 times a minute.

An advanced exercise that is good for the abs is the “front kick”.  This is where you jump slowly on the abdominal machine and kick one foot at a time straight out in front of you.

Once you get a good feel of the exercise, you can kick faster and higher. There’s no need to worry about losing your balance, as the Cellerciser® is equipped with a balance bar for support.

An excellent, though more challenging, exercise on this abdominal machine is the “V-sit”.  You sit on the mat, lift your legs straight up in front, raise your arms out to the sides, and then rock back and forth from one hip to the other. This requires tightening and control of your core muscles, but it will definitely bring you the results you want.

As an exercise tool, the Cellerciser® can get you those six-pack abs that you have always wanted.  After all, why settle for less when you can have the best in abdominal machines?


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